God is still speaking — at the Boston Marathon

God is Still Speaking – at the Boston Marathon
The United Church Christ represents Massachusetts liberalism at prayer. Barack Obama was a member until his membership created too many political headaches for him, and the church supported his candidacy to the point of endangering its tax exempt status.
“God is still speaking,” it informs us. Quoting as spiritual authority comedienne Gracie Allen, the UCC proclaims: “Never put a period, where God has put a comma” (http://www.ucc.org/god-is-still-speaking/). Self-styled progressive theologian Bruce Epperly explains, “God’s new vision invites us to go beyond biblical literalism and exclusiveness to affirm God’s presence in science, medicine, evolutionary theory, and gender and marriage equality.” (http://www.bobcornwall.com/2010/07/why-progressive-theology-matters-god-is.html). And so we can circumvent all the arguments to the contrary, both religious and secular, and proclaim same-sex marriage as a new revelation. We await further revelations in defense of polygamy, polyamory, and pedophilia; as well as of child sacrifice and ritual prostitution.
Some people have failed to hear these revelations. Dissenters from the party line within the UCC represent standard Evangelical Protestantism (and the earlier position of the denomination). But their terms of argument are so alien to the Church’s official position as to represent not merely a different inter-denominational option but a radically different religious outlook. (http://www.biblicalwitness.org/introduction.htm).
And the UCC is collapsing. The denomination has lost almost half of its members since the mid-1960s, and has not published membership numbers since 2008. But, though the UCC is franker than most representatives of ‘progressive’ theology, and remains at least nominally Christian, its attitudes are now to be found everywhere in the political and religious worlds.
In this situation two Muslim brothers, heavily exposed to Cambridge liberalism, killed three people, injured many others (some of them severely), and shut down an entire city. God is still speaking, it appeared, but something came after the comma that genteel liberals do not find agreeable: Thou shalt not kill, except the enemies of God. Since the UCC are in their bizarre way the heirs of Calvin, they should recall his doctrine of avengers, some of whom, “though they were directed by the hand of God … and did his work without knowing it, had nought but evil in their thoughts” (Institutes. Bk. 4, chap. 20, sec. 30). God was speaking in judgment on Massachusetts liberalism at the Boston Marathon.
The destroying angel does not distinguish between the innocent and the guilty. God’s instruments in Boston were no more admirable than were the ancient Assyrians; we should not in any way deny sympathy or help to the victims and their friends and families, nor fail to bring terrorists of all sorts to justice. But neither should we fail to draw the necessary political and theological lessons.
Liberals are fond of confusing the Religious Right with fascists (who represent an entirely secular political outlook), and of simultaneously ignoring them and exaggerating their power and cohesion. They have forgotten the atavistic impulses that underlie human society, and play irresponsibility with deep feelings about sexuality, gender, reproduction, and family life. They risk rousing a beast, which may or may not take a Muslim form.
Since the assault on the Boston Marathon is likely to be used to justify repression of Muslims, we should make it clear that every part of American society is under judgment. Radical Islam is the bad conscience of ‘progressive’ Christendom, challenging not only our decadence, but also our brutality and greed. Gay alcoholic Lord Sebastian Flyte well represents the decadence of the Marchmain clan, but one would have to be a brute to hate him. But decadence combined with sanctimoniousness and brutality stinks to heaven. The supposedly progressive Obama Administration has closed not the concentration camp at Guantánamo Bay. It has increased the use of drone missiles for extrajudicial executions — creating many casualties among women and children, not all of which can be excused as collateral damage (http://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/2012/02/04/obama-terror-drones-cia-tactics-in-pakistan-include-targeting-rescuers-and-funerals/; http://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/2011/08/11/more-than-160-children-killed-in-us-strikes/; http://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/2011/08/10/most-complete-picture-yet-of-cia-drone-strikes/). And it has compromised with the Republicans on every economic issue.
Brian Banks, an African American man, was framed on rape charges, suffering both from a dysfunctional legal system and a guilty-if-accused attitude toward rape. There is every reason to believe that such cases are not rare. Meanwhile, elite malefactors of every sort, including those whose war crimes provoke terrorism, remain immune to criminal sanction.
White people who support Obama to prove that they are not racists are useful idiots. Vice-President Biden blurted out the truth when he said that Obama wields a ‘big stick’ – on behalf of the rich and powerful of both parties and all races and genders.


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